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St. John is truly an American paradise.   Steeped in West Indian culture, it basks in its natural beauty. St. John is unique.   Two-thirds of the island is national park land, its pristine beauty preserved forever.   The islands surrounding waters are also federally protected.    All of this provides an environment of uncompromising tropical serenity.

St. John is for people who appreciate nature.   From some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see, to tropical island peaks in excess of 1000 feet, the beauty is everywhere.  

Hiking, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, diving, fishing, whale watching, you'll run out of time before you'll run out of things to do.  

Villa Notre Ciel puts you in the middle of all of this
.   Nestled in the wooded highlands of beautiful St. John, USVI, this Villa has a spectacular view of the British Virgin Islands, Coral Bay and the islands east-end.   Notre Ciel's breathtaking view is conveniently located only minutes from shopping and restaurants in lovely Cruz Bay or a short drive to eclectic Coral Bay.  Hiking in the National Park and the beaches on the incredible north coast are also only minutes away.

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Come enjoy our island from ‘our little piece of heaven’. 

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